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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ted: i-4 eastbound is still closed after derksen drive. fine getting through. the detour is happening at 1792. that is where they are pushing traffic. 1792 goes to derksen drive and derksen drive goes eastbound to i-4. we will take a look at a camera here. you can see behind me, that is where traffic is being detoured onto 1792. look at the right side of your screen, that is eastbound i-4 at lee road. a left-wing blocked -- a left lane blocked. jason: the eastbound lanes of i-4 are shut down after a deadly crash in volusia county. the accident shut down both sides of the highway four hours last night troopers say this
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mustang rear-ended a pickup truck. the pickup flew up a guard rail and flip. two people were thrown from the vehicle and died. the driver of the mustang is ok. no word if any charges will be filed we are staying on top of this traffic situation and bring you the latest all morning. michelle: let' s get a check of your forecast this morning. amy sweezey is standing by. amy: it is not nearly as cold as it has been the past couple of mornings. we will continue to climb today. we are headed into the lower to middle 70' s afternoon. we will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. not quite as much sunshine. a lot more clouds as the moisture is building back in and even a slight chance of a brief shower this afternoon. the rain is not a big story. any rain we get will be brief and isolated. look at the 24 hour change, anywhere from 10 to up to 20
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right now, a lot of us are in the 50' s. 50 in orlando. 52 daytona beach, 50 now in ocala. 46 in palm coast. it is a whole lot warmer, thanks to the cloud cover streaming in and thanks to our wind changing direction. the clouds building in today, we make it 272 in ocala. 75 orlando and winter park. 74 in longwood and oviedo. 74 in palm bay. >> hey, stop. we are the police, stop. michelle: a traffic stop over a seatbelt violation and is in gunfire and we have the body cam footage. this happened on the 16th at a parking lot near pine hills road. police say the car was stolen
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witnessed the whole thing. she says she heard the commotion store. she says she was worried that shot. m alive, i have four children that need me and they could' ve taken my life trying to kill somebody else, when all it was doing was tried to go to the store. michelle: two others in the car caught. jason: covering orange county, commissioners are tackling an issue that is causing a big stink among residents. michelle: there' s been a major problem over missed trash pickups. alex villareal' s live in the neighborhood. what commissioners doing today? >> orange county leaders will be considering the pros and cons of the new system. we are right outside the orange county landfill waste management
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thousands of people have already complained about their trash getting picked up late or not at all. we are now in week four of this new automated trash pickup system and these complaints it seems far what is driving orange county leaders to review the new program today. the commissioner called for the discussion to look at the pros and cons of the transition. the new program went into effect on january 1 and some homeowners have waited days or weeks for the garbage truck. officials say service was slow mostly because residents were not putting their bins in the right position. trash truck drivers were also making mistakes, one torre lamppost out of the ground. things have been getting better with time, so that is good news. a spokeswoman with the county says the backlog should be resolved by the end the month. we will be following the discussion this morning as commissioners meet and talk
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stay tuned for those updates. michelle: covering volusia county, school district leaders are moving forward with a new school uniform policy. it would take a final vote on the policy today and brett connolly has a preview. brett: a long road on making a decision for school uniforms in volusia county finally coming to an end. no changes to and at this school year, but school students will be wearing those uniforms in august -- august. it gives options for three color options. it will include a white collared oxford shirt. this is been a heated debate in the county. teachers are tied up in the clothing police and believe these changes will say parents money. we' ve seen parents and much -- students protesting the idea. there is a bit of wiggle room in
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have a total of four weeks a year to suspend the basic uniforms for various school events and activities. michelle: thank you. new on sunrise, 13 people escaped a sinking yacht unharmed. it went down off the coast of south florida. the coast guard said it began taking on water just before 6:00 last night. the yacht captain says the boat was impossible to say. >> the amount of water it was taking and how quickly the boat sank , i really don' t think there was much anyone could do. michelle: the boat was under water in less than two hours. the captain believes a mechanical problem might be what caused it to sink. jason: the family members of the crew of the sunken el faro will receive money for the loss. become he will pay $500,000 each to settle lawsuits. el faro sank in october after being caught in a hurricane in
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two were from central florida. michelle: the naacp is heading to flint michigan to investigate whether race paid -- played a role in the water crisis. this is as people are still paid to -- forced to pay for water they can drink. commitment 2016, democrats and republicans are making their final was with less than a week to go until the iowa caucuses. bernie sanders is trying to use his division as an outsider to his advantage. >> in iowa, the temperatures may be cold, but the race to be the party nominee is heating up. the democratic candidates highlighted it did -- differences. >> i led the effort against wall street deregulation. the issue.
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not talk, action and that is what i will do as president. doing something different. is getting nasty. and ted cruz. >> i will not respond in kind because people of this country deserve better. >> ted cruz release his second attack ad in iowa on donald trump' s quote new york values. >> my values are different. >> tech -- donald trump is calling ted cruz the man from canada. >> that pipeline goes in canada, the birthplace of ted cruz. >> the gop front-runner says he will take accident -- action as president and not back down. donald trump has a norse crowds
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turn that energy into people actually showing up to caucus. in washington, edward lawrence. jason: deputies in osceola county are asking for your help to find two men who they say robbed a taxicab driver. the driver says these men approaches cap sunday while he was sitting in a walmart parking lot near north poinciana boulevard. they allegedly pointed at -- pulled out a gun and demanded cash. michelle: frustrated drivers only have a few more weeks of construction to be finished on a local road project. work along oral road in maitland was supposed to be completed in september, but it has taken nearly double the timetable. >> everyone that lives there' s trying to figure out what is going on and why is it taking so long. >> i am not an engineer, but it seems to have taken an excessive amount of time. michelle: leaders say the project should be completed by the end of february.
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over in the northeast, plow seven working around the clock to clear major roads. the storm is blamed for 42 deaths and cause travel to come to a halt across the nation. more than 2500 flights were either delayed or canceled yesterday. michelle: we are turning to our local forecast. you can feel the difference outside. jason: it may still require you to turn on the heater. but not for long. amy, we will probably feel that we may swept by the afternoon. amy: we are almost in the 50' s and so the 20' s and 30' s. we will climb to the low to mid 70' s. even warmer than yesterday. if you degrees above average in a few spots. there is a slight chance of a brief, little shower this afternoon, i do not expect much rain. tomorrow, we have big rain along with some thunderstorms. 50 ocala, 50 sanford, 52 in daytona beach and melbourne and
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a lot more clouds building in today. i' m going to college mostly cloudy for your tuesday. look at a couple of shower showing up on futurecast. in the afternoon and evening, fairly brief. most things stay east of orlando over towards the beaches. overnight, we start to see more moisture building and. we will have a few more spotty showers early tomorrow in advance of the storms. 70 tomorrow -- 70 by noon today. we will talk more about the timing of the storms for your wednesday in a few minutes. it is 5:11, here is ted. ted:' s -- ted: i-4 has opened after a deadly crash last night. this is westbound in the shop. they have zoomed in tighter, so you cannot see eastbound. they have a patrol on that
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things are looking pretty good for the most part on i-4. some i-4 ultimate roadwork on the eastbound side. that is just before lee road and wraps up near maitland. we' ve a crash that is blocking some lanes in deer park road at u.s. 192. jason: a local shoe store clerk takes action during a robbery. michelle: what he did to try and stop three crooks. jason: why president obama is trying to do away with julie -- solitary confinement for juvenile offenders. michelle:
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national guard -- stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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michelle: the eastbound lanes of i for our back open after a deadly crash in volusia county. the accident happened around 10:30 last night. it shut down traffic on both sides for hours.
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the eastbound lanes of i-4 are open. jason: orange county leaders will discuss the complaints piling up over the new garbage contractors. the will let you know what they decide after a meeting this morning at 9:00 a.m.. michelle: volusia county schools readers will vote on a school uniform policy tonight. if approved, students will start the next school year in uniform. covering orange county, the search is on for three robbers after a shoe store showdown. jason: investigators say one of the men try to steal something, but the clerk was not having it. jazmin walker has the confrontation that ended in gunfire. jazmin: orlando police say three men like regular -- enter the store like regular customers. one of those men stole some merchandise. the clerk grabbed his gun.
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empire clothing and shoe store on south tampa avenue near the citrus bowl. the clerk, with his gun in hand, got me struggle with one of the men and that is when the gun when off. the three men took off running. police do not believe anyone was actually hurt. investigator spoke with a few witnesses on scene, but they have not been able to say if they were able to identify the three men involved. opd says the assault and battery unit is heading up the investigation. if you know what happened, you are asked to call orlando police. jason: knew this morning, solitary confinement for juvenile and low-level offenders could soon be banned in federal prisons. president obama says he' s looking to do away with the practice because it lowers the chances for successful rehabilitation. he made the decision after a review from the department of justice. solitary confinement should only be used as a last resort for
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new information about the mosquito borne to seek a virus that has doctors worried about the effects. the world health organization believes it will spread to all countries in the americas except canada and chile. even though that includes the u.s., many experts say it is unlikely to spread outside of tropical zones. it is feared to call abnormally small heads and brains in newborns. no cases of the virus have been reported yet in the continental u.s.. michelle: the site is across the street from city hall. the 20 acre park will include a new luxury apartment building. a waterfront restaurant and expanded walkways. the project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017. that would be a nice day to get out and enjoy some fresh air in a local park. jason: we all need to do that because we are talking about warm weather. amy: and no rain. tomorrow will be warm, but we have to deal with rain.
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we have sunshine today, but not quite as much as yesterday. we will have a lot more cloud cover today. getting the case to school, the clouds are helping us out. we are anywhere from the mid-40' s to the mid-50' s. most of us are in the 50' s this morning. it is not nearly as cold. kids may want a sweatshirt or jacket. they will not lead it for long. this morning, unlike yesterday, we will quickly climb and make it the 70' s. compare where we are to our average lows. this is back to normal. pretty close to where we are supposed to be as opposed to the last couple of mornings which have -- which has been so cold. 46 palm coast, that is her cool spot. 50 degrees in ocala after we dropped to 28 yesterday. 52 in melbourne. there are the cloud streaming in. a couple of breaks here and
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we will continue to does there is a front on the way, it is off to our north. that will sliding closer tomorrow and that is when it is going to bring harsh showers and storms on wednesday. 72 hour high today in ocala and salt springs. 73 in eustis and 74 is where we are headed in clermont. even warmer than average high temperatures. there is a slight chance of a shower, i got expect much rain. used in orlando in the afternoon, just a brief little sprinkle as that moisture starts to build and inside some of those clouds. 74 today longwood and oviedo. 75 in st. cloud. we will be cooler along the coast to the north. upper 60' s there. lower 70' s in brevard county. 73 hour high in cocoa beach. -- our high in cocoa beach.
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develop and by late morning tomorrow, we will see showers and thunderstorms, especially in our southernmost region. from orlando south all the way to miami, there is a pretty good shot of getting some isolated severe thunderstorms and stronger winds. a tomato is not out of the question. we will watch that very closely. -- a tornado is not out of the question. we will watch that very closely. once we get to the evening hours, it will just be rain as we continue into thursday. wednesday and thursday are pretty soggy. we prepared for the thunderstorms tomorrow. otherwise, we are cooler and drier behind the rain as we get to friday and saturday. here is ted. ted: a busy start to the morning, but it is quiet at the moment. we have construction on i-4 eastbound. it is blocking a lane just before lee road until just before maitland boulevard.
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and the 528. area. 528, and early check of that. westbound on the left, no delays through oia. speaking of nicely. we are flying through downtown orlando virtually. turnpike to colonial is only eight minutes. jason: next on sunrise, the race -- will pay his accuser. jason: an uphill battle for the a land of magic players as they
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jason: florida state university is playing -- paying nearly $1 million in the rape case against james winston. michelle: the woman is getting $250,000 in the sediment from fsu, with the rest going to her attorneys. winston has denied the allegation and has since become the starting coordinate -- quarterback for the cabaret buccaneers. the orlando magic are back on the road and looking for a much-needed win. they have lost the last six
5:23 am
game against the memphis grizzlies. that went into overtime. the grizzlies one at the free-throw line, 108-102. the magic moved to mel watt the. they will take on the box at 8:00. there is a twitter feud boiling between burger king and wendy' s. jason: it began when wendy' s began tweeting out a deal for four items for four dollars. michelle: bert -- burger king said five is better than four. next at 5:30, new details about the three inmates who escaped the california jail. michelle: now we want to go out live to alex villareal. alex: orange county leaders will be talking trash today. how the new trash system
5:24 am
gotten every -- gotten resident so upset. ted: a new crash popped up. amy: good news weather-wise, a whole lot warmer than it has been the last couple of days. in the 50' s and most spots, 20' s and 30' s -- we will talk about how warm it
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: a section of i-4 in volusia county is back open after a deadly crash forces it to shut down for hours. ted noah will have the latest on your morning commute. jason: commissioners considering changes after residents continue to complain about trash service. michelle: a big push for votes. what members of both sides are doing ahead of the iowa caucus. thank you for joining us, i am michelle imperato. jason: i am jason guy. i guess my blood thinned.
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michelle: you might still need a jacket, depending on what you think is called. it looks lovely over lake eola. not dealing with any rain. are we dealing with clouds? amy: they are part of the reason why it is so warm this morning. tomorrow will have a lot of rain and later today, a couple of little showers. as you plan the rest of your tuesday, we will climb, it is s is where we are headed. if you degrees warmer than average. we will get some sunshine, but a lot of clouds today. the moisture builds back in. i do not expect as much as sunday or yesterday. we' yesterday compared to today. today we are back to normal. s and lower 50' s. yesterday, we were in the 20' s and 30' s. the day before was even colder to start.
5:29 am
52 and the villages, 51 and leesburg. sanford is at 50. upon coaches are cool spot. it is mainly high, thin clouds. those clouds ligety to building. 74 in apopka, 74 today in ocoee and maitland. along the coast, lower 70' s in brevard county. upper 60' s on the coast in flagler and volusia. 5:32, here is ted. ted: the i-4 crash in volusia county is clear. it was affecting seminole county as well because the eastbound detour was in seminole. the new one on i-4 westbound at sand lake road is blocking a right-hand lane. it is not affecting the flow of traffic. we will keep a close eye on that. i-4 eastboundi-4
5:30 am
i-4, crews are still working on the i-4 ultimate there. lake mary to lee, an 11 minute drive. jason: those eastbound lanes of i-4 are back open after the deadly crash in volusia county. michelle: the crash happened around 10:30 in dell toner when a mustang hit the back of a pickup truck. the guard -- the pickup truck flew over the guardrail. a third person was airlifted to the hospital. the driver of the mustang is ok and there are no word -- there is no word if any charges will be filed. this morning, we are learning more about this terrifying scene during a traffic stop. orlando police say they were forced to open fire on a teenage driver. it all began because the teenager was not wearing a seatbelt. jason: brett connolly is here with an exclusive interview who watched -- with a woman who
5:31 am
brett: the witness says she froze when she saw witness -- police open fire. >> hey, stop, we are the police, stop. brett: this is the officer' s body camera catching the scene on january 16 at a parking lot on north lane near pine hills road. police tried to get the driver to stop right there for a seatbelt violation. they even broke the driver side window with their baton. the witness we spoke with does not want her face shown on camera, but says she heard the commotion as she walked out of a nearby store and was worried someone in her car had been shot. >> i am thanking god that i am alive. i have clutter children who need me. all it was doing was trying to get to -- go to the store. brett: the car crashed into a vacant home on stoneybrook lane. the 17-year-old believed to be driving was arrested after
5:32 am
we are not naming the team because they are not being charged as an adult. two others in the car ran away and they have not been caught. the officer that open fire is on paid administrative leave. michelle: homicide detectives are trying to figure out how a woman died. a family member found to merit that in ball inside --tamara bedenbaugh. detectives are asking anyone with information to give them a call. jason: covering orange county, leaders are set to discuss a smelly problem lingering for weeks now. thousands of homes are leaving the trash out, but it is not getting picked up. the county changed contractors beginning this year. alex villareal joins us live. she is at the landfill. leaders are promising to come up with a solution. alex: they are promising
5:33 am
into the issues with this new system and officials do say that the backlog should be resolved by the end of this month. that is good news for residents. we are in week four of this new automated trash pickup system. tens of thousands of people have already complained to the waste hotline about the trash being picked up late or not at all. one trash truck driver accidentally tore a lamppost out of the -- out of a subdivision. some homeowners have reported garbage truck. mostly because residents were not putting their wins in the right position for pickup. commissioner scott boyd called for the discussion to look at the pros and cons of this new transition. since the program went into effect on january 1, things do time. that is why a spokeswoman for the county says the backlog the month.
5:34 am
discussion today as commissioners meet to talk about this issue. live in orange county, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. jason: u.s. marshals helping in the search for an escaped con -- convict, his girlfriend and her three-year-old son. the tauscher quickly picked up gary bullock junior -- net tosha quickly -- natasha quigley picked up gary bullock junior. been on the run since a jailbreak on friday. they cut through the bars on their cell and through plumbing out the window. out if they had help. >> so far, there is nothing that indicates that we have concrete evidence that says there was inside the jail.
5:35 am
one of the inmates ties to a vietnamese gang. michelle: commitment 2016, it is back to the campaign trail. with less than a week to go before the iowa caucuses, democrats steered the -- shared the stage one last time. nikole killion has a recap. >> this was a little different than a debate, with each candidate getting a chance to speak one-on-one with voters. at the democratic town hall in iowa, closing arguments from bernie sanders -- >> we are touching a nerve with the american people who understand establishment politics is just not good enough. hillary click >> -- >> hill -- and martin o' malley. all trying to distinguish themselves among voters prefer they caucus. >> with only three of us in this primary, there' s only one of us who can upset a -- have an upset
5:36 am
>> i like hillary clinton i can respect hillary clinton. >> they nudged each other for -- over the issues. >> >> i voted against the war in iraq, hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. i have >> -- >> >> i have a much longer history than one vote. >> republicans got a chance to score of one last time in a debate this thursday night. michelle: relief for over cap -- overcrowded schools may be in route. school leaders are considering a rezoning plan that send students from wolf lake elementary school to three other schools. if approved, some will start the school at apopka, rock springs or zellwood. jason: 5:39 we are talking about a warm day ahead. the 70' s are coming back.
5:37 am
michelle: the 70' s we want to come back. maybe and short sleeves. hang out in the sun a little bit. amy: we are going to have a bit of cloud cover today, but it will be warm. we are headed to the low to mid 70' s this afternoon. that is warmer than we were yesterday when we topped out at 70 in orlando. we will make 75 midday and continue to climb as we get into the afternoon hours. a few breaks , a bit of sun early today. clouds will continue to increase. step out. 62 in ocala and the villages. 52 melbourne coast. at this time. life futurecast. showers are possible. 10%.
5:38 am
afternoon and evening, not much rain at all. it will not ruin your day or evening plans of it you may see a brief shower. overnight tonight into early tomorrow, we will see more rain developed as the moisture builds and. we end up with some thunderstorms tomorrow on wednesday. temperatures will climb, take a look at the numbers. we will be in the low to mid 70' s and most spots for highs. i will take you county by county in a few minutes. it is 5:41, here is ted. ted: a crash blocking a right lane on i-4 by sand lake road. not really affecting the flow of traffic. you will have to slow down a bit. take me live look at i-4 at universal. road work on eastbound just before lee road until maitland. i-4 eastbound from international drive into downtown orlando at
5:39 am
the travel times do rotate at the bottom of your screen. facing a lawsuit. are accusing the company of unfairly replacing them.
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brett: there is a statewide alert out for two children reported missing out of indian river county this morning. four-year-old edward, as -- they were seen in -- edward carr. obama has -- gomez. he has black hair and brown eyes. 11-month-old reset is one half feet tall and 15 pounds. also with black aaron brown eyes. if you spot them, you' re as to not approach them and call 911 immediately. michelle: thanks so much.
5:43 am
jason: they are accusing the mouse house of replacing them in order to hire cheaper labor. jasmine look enjoyed -- joins us with a closer look. jazmin: a man and a woman are suing disney. the two used to be technology workers at disney world. did -- you may be wondering how they were replaced with immigrants. they were working -- they would replace him at the workers of immigrants. blackwell says her clients are among 250 disney workers laid off last year. disney denies the allegation and in a statement said the lawsuit is based on unsustainable legal theory and a misrepresentation of the facts. the consulting companies are a.c.l. incorporated. cognizant said they complied with u.s. regulations regarding
5:44 am
michelle: now two new video out of miami showing a woman trying desperately to escape an out-of-control car. before we show you, you need to know that this woman was not seriously hurt. you can see a car careening towards her. she climbed the fence but she does get head. the impact center over the fence into a minivan parked in the other side. >> i saw the crash and everything. i stopped. i panicked a little bit. i was in shock. michelle: the driver took off running, but did not get very far. believe it or not, that woman only has a broken foot. jason: that is hard to believe. students in tallahassee return to school with extra security. in one thread, someone said they would bring a gun to a high school and shoot students. officials also say there were threats made against two other
5:45 am
michelle: deputies have made their second arrest ever on revenge point charges. stephen ward is accused of posting a sexual photo of his wife on facebook after an argument over text messages. he was previously arrested for domestic battery and charged with violating his pretrial release conditions. he is being held without bond. jason: new on sunrise, you have to see these apartments practically dangling from a cliff in california. huge waves caused by el nio led to serious erosion. some people are refusing to evacuate. one person told the city council she cannot afford to leave. the councilmember say it will cost millions to repair all of the damage to the here. --pier. michelle: i am happy to talk about our weather because we are back to our normal temperatures. amy: lower 70'
5:46 am
i wish we had more sunshine, but i cannot complain. because the temperatures are so nice, it will be beautiful. we got some video yesterday. i was at long beach elementary and we are celebrating literacy week all across central florida. the first group i spoke to were the second graders. they had so much fun talking about reading and writing and how important it is to read about any subject, including the weather. these are the fourth graders, had a great time talking to them as well. talking about the importance he -- importance of literacy. my final trip was the third-graders. had a chance to talk to all of them. we did all of these groups back-to-back. thank you so much to all the teachers. we had so much fun brevard county. a big hello to all of my new friends there. let' s talk about what is happening in central florida today. we are headed into the upper 60' s and lower 70' s. back to normal.
5:47 am
even though we have a lot of cloud cover and not a lot of sun. today and tomorrow will be in the 70' s, tomorrow, the reason we are in the 70' s is also because we have rain along with it. behind the rain , we will start to get some clearing and some cooler temperatures once again. we are on this roller coaster ride here where we get a couple of warm days and we get another bat -- blast of cool air behind his front that brings the storms and the cooler air. 52 in ocala, that is a whole lot different than the 28 we were sitting yesterday. 50 in sanford and orlando. 46 in palm coast. there are the cloud streaming in right now. a few breaks. we will start the day with a bit of sun. the class will keep streaming in today. we will be mostly cloudy. some -- we stay mainly dry throughout the day. a couple of showers possible
5:48 am
just a lot of clouds building in for now. the big ring will arrive tomorrow. 73 eustis and mount dora. 74 hour high in bushnell. we will climb to 79 -- 74 in apopka and longwood. 75 altamonte springs and winter springs. upper 60' s for palm coast, flagler beach, new smyrna beach topping out at 69. 72 in titusville, 73 melbourne and 74 in palm bay. tomorrow, we have this front that will slowly role in here. that low pressure approached from the gulf of mexico. that is the reason we have the showers and storms and especially from orlando south, all the way to miami, there is a potential for some strong or severe wind gust inside of these thunderstorms. we will keep an eye out for a possibility of twisting in the wind. there is a low threat
5:49 am
much like the last several systems that have come through here, we will have to watch closely on wednesday for the possibility of stronger storms. we will continue to get more rain as that front moves to the south. once it moves through, those areas of low pressure head away, we will clear things out on friday. lots of sunshine, highs in the mid 60' s, we will climb as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday are not nearly as cold as we were last weekend. 5:52, here is ted. ted: a crash waiting on i-4 westbound on sand lake road. it is blocking the right lane. nicely. you have to slow down a bit. taking a look at other items. i-4 eastbound has cleaned up. the i-4 ultimate is no longer blocking in that area. westbound county.
5:50 am
is looking good. lake mary to lee road is six minutes.
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michelle: a new study names florida as the best pace to retire. jason: the decision was made based on of florida -- affordability, quality of life and health care -- health care. we rank the highest number of golf courses and the population of people 65 and older. i think the sunshine state deserves the number one spot. michelle: check this out, a couple in the panhandle has quite a surprise during the weekend visit to the beach. they saw what looked like thousands of starfish washed up down the shoreline. marine experts say different environmental factors could have played a role in the starfish washing he sure. -- washing ashore. jason: very interesting. coming up in our next hour sunrise. addressing a big stink with residents in orange county.
5:53 am
with what we are looking at -- looking at 46:00. alex: those trash troubles will be addressed in orange county by leaders coming up. what as gotten resident so upset. >> after much debate, students and volusia county schools inspected to see a major change after summer break. i will explain that coming up. amy: temperatures in the 50' s instead of the 20' s and 30' s. how warm it is later today coming up michelle: rid --.
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